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Fans of the classic Resident Evil games, here is something special for you today. YouTube’s ‘Enveloping Sounds’ has shared two videos, showcasing what Resident Evil 7 could have looked like with fixed cameras.
In order to achieve this, Enveloping Sounds combined a free camera script with another that adds a head to Ethan Withers. The free camera tool is slightly buried inside this third-person script that players can download.
From the looks of it, this is – at least for now – a proof of concept project and nothing more. In these videos, Enveloping Sounds showed Ethan exploring the Baker’s mansion. Ethan can interact with all objects, open doors, draw his weapons and reload. Unfortunately, though, there isn’t any combat in either of the videos.
We should also note that this project is not yet available for download as a mod. And, at this point, we don’t know whether Enveloping Sounds plans to release a proper “Fixed Cameras” mod for the game.
Still, these videos show how close to the original/classic games Resident Evil 7 actually can get, all by simply changing its camera viewpoint.

Something New.
Resident Evil 7 Ditches First-Person For Classic Fixed Camera In Mod.
A modder has switched Resident Evil 7 from a first-person view back to the classic third-person while incorporating the fixed camera from early games.
A fan-made mod for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is changing the way players see the game by swapping out first-person for classic fixed camera. The Resident Evil franchise has been a major part of the entertainment industry since the first game released in 1996. It's led to dozens of games that have successfully kept fans on their toes.
Resident Evil 7 was a major shift in the series, as it was the first major installment to shift away from the classic third-person perspective. Instead, Resident Evil 7 took a first-person view that immediately made fans draw comparisons to the Silent Hill franchise. This even prompted Capcom to dispel rumors about hiring staff from P.T.
Now, a fan-made mod allows Resident Evil fans to go back to that classic, third-person view the series was so widely known for. YouTuber Enveloping Sounds posted a video, which showcases the version of Resident Evil 7 as it could have been had Capcom not elected to make the perspective shift. However, the mod is not a straight jump back to the old camera style players of the newer Resident Evil games might recognize:
Instead of the over-the-shoulder third-person perspective Resident Evil fans have known since Resident Evil 4 , Enveloping Sounds creates a mod that has a fixed, third-person perspective. This a throwback to the original Resident Evil games, namely Resident Evils 1, 2, and 3 , for the original PlayStation. The camera does not follow the player as if standing behind him, but instead there are several cameras within a room. The game shifts from one perspective to another, tracking the player's movements as he moves in and out of frame.
The clip that showcases the mod is just over 2 minutes long and sees the player control the protagonist of Resident Evil 7 , Ethan Winters, as he moves through several rooms within the main house from the campaign. The player moves Winters from the dining room, through the kitchen, into and down the hallway, before finally making it into the living and theater rooms, and eventually to an outdoor path. The clip doesn't showcase any of the menu or indicators that players would normally see when playing Resident Evil 7 , but the original controls appear to be intact. Ethan equips a gun at the start of the clip, and he is able to open the refrigerator, so the controls within the game are retained.
This is not the first time Enveloping Sounds has modded a Re